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This Workout REALLY Made Us Eat a BIG Dinner...

It was really "one of those weeks" last week and I used that as an excuse to justify shoving a sled around for what happened to be 3 days in a row (I didn't realize it until now...).  Needless to say I was feeling very good in some respects for doing that, and was as always taking dinner very seriously. One of my advanced small group members was up for an extra "partner challenge" so we did this VERY MUCH inspired by Zach Even-Esh's The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning circuit workout together.  It's reasonably scaleable (let me know if you'd like more specifics on that in the comment section below). 

A Workout Heavily Inspired by Zach Even-Esh's The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning

The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and ConditioningAt the last minute, I ended up having a coffee break with a friend today and toted along Zach Even-Esh's brand new Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning.  She's also an aficionado of incredibly challenging workouts and in addition to being a member of our kettlebell small group, is almost always up for a "Hey, I have this crazy workout to test, want to try it?" situation.  Like the time this past Memorial Day when we did a version of the Murph Hero WOD for fun in the park.

Getting a review copy of the book was a real treat as Zach not only shares tons of cool exercises, approaches to programming, and example workouts, he also shares his own personal story.  This is absolutely fascinating stuff, and in some weird way, makes understanding his "no rules" "underground" approach that much easier.

tl;dr take me to the workout

I'm a big fan of questioning the mainstream (a glance at the music I've collected for the past 25+ years will also attest to that). Also, many times I've been let down by "what you're supposed to do" in terms of "women's fitness".

I've Cracked the Crustless Quiche Code! Prepare For Low Carb Lunch Lusciousness!

I have cracked the low carb crustless quiche code!Forgive me for the silly Photoshopped image there at the left, but the excitement of sharing something very simple, very delicious, very convenient, and which can actually be *GASP* economical was just too much.   So I had to make a funny parody graphic of the "DaVinci Code" which I did not read, but did somewhat enjoy in movie form.

If you hang around with my in real life, you'll already know that a phase I use with some kind of annoying frequency is "I've cracked the _insert name of food item or general subject here___ code!"  How did this simple code get cracked?  I was developing a custom recipe for someone, and noticed that I was basically following my usual, instinctual measurements for the few ingredients in the recipe.

Having inherited my great-grandmother's kitchen-eyeball-ability, I noticed that when "that looks right" occurred there was definite a pattern emerging.  SO... since not everyone has been blessed with "kitchen-eyeball-ability" and I'm willing to reverse engineer something very simple, here is the now-cracked the crustless quiche code!

If you're doing the low carb thing, this recipe is a real time saver... and no one really will miss the crust if you use delicious ingredients...

The beauty in this fun little recipe is how simple it is.  And how you can turn something like leftover vegetables (or a mix of vegetables and certain cooked meats) into a really super treat.  It's also easy to have the parts ready to go, then just assemble it and bake when needed... handy for houseguests or if someone's coming over for a weekend brunch.

The Power of Working on the Kettlebell Basics, a Workout and a Video (mostly about food)

Before leaving for NJ/NY last week to train with Master RKC Phil Ross, I wanted to make sure to make the absolute most of the training time up there, so over the past few weeks I had ramped up both my strength endurance activities, as well as generally the high intensity cardio (heavy swings, sprawls*, Ultimate Sandbag drills like rotational lunges, and things that nearly have me falling on my face like a whole bunch of kettlebell snatches then a quick lap around a track x4 etc).

Unboxing This Week's Delivery from Space Girl Organics! [VIDEO]

After mentioning Space Girl Organics to a new friend on a recently flight, I was inspired to make a new (and somewhat better lit) unboxing video for today's "standard vegetable fresh" delivery.  I mean... I had to unpack it to put it all in the fridge anyway, right?  So Karen I hope you enjoy this (or have time to watch) but here are the goodies I received today!  (And how I plan to use at least some of it!)

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Pavel's HardStyle Abs is not for sissies.  A great review for anyone who has attended the RKC Level 2 Workshop or who missed the old Bodyweight Workshop back in the day.  As well as a great intro to this powerful method of training.  These deceptively simple but difficult exercises build a strong, injury-resistant body that just happens to also look great.  Get it NOW!

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