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Super Man Herbs

Logan Christopher's Super Man Herbs! Natural anti-aging, anti-stress, energy, pre-workout, and more. "Unleash the Power of Nature" (for 15% off even!)


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Dale's raw protein bars

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Hyperwear Gear

Hyperwear weight vests, sandbells, steel bells
VERY recommended!

Free shipping at Hyperwear (weight vests, steelbells, sandbells, more...) for orders $49+

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility... Black Friday Guide

GiryaGirl.com's Ultimate Black Friday Guide

Chances are if you're a regular reader of this website you're more than reasonably strong, tough, determined, fit, and maybe just a bit stubborn (my superpower).  Those qualities make you a very dangerous person in a Black Friday madness rush situation.  Seriously, you could probably injure some people and/or get arrested!

Why go through all that trouble when you can get some serious Black Friday deals at home while you wear your pajamas.  You can also multi task by snuggling with human and animal family members or do what I'm doing which is baking off a paleo pumpkin pie (1/4 of which is earmarked to share with a friend and training partner who is recovering from the flu).

So here's a list of online places (with some featured items) having great sales, many of which I am proud to report are purveyors of products I regularly use, enjoy, eat, lift, read, review, promote etc.  Hopefully you will find some enjoyable items that will help you share your passion for a healthy lifestyle with your family and friends.  Besides this is much easier and infinitely more convenient than having to post bail because you headbutted someone in line, right? :) 

Dragon Door:

Starts: 11/28/2014 at Midnight Central
Ends: 11/30/2014 11:59PM Central
Highlights: Black Friday Sale features 25% off all their kettlebells. Use coupon code: BFSALE  And even though it's not a part of the actual Black Friday sale, the gift of education (and possibly a new career) shouldn't be underestimated, many of the kettlebell, bodyweight and DVRT (featuring Ultimate Sandbag) certification workshops have active discounts too!


Ends: December 1st
Highlights: On top of the already great deals you can get from Hylete (use discount code: giryagirl25) on very high quality, heavy duty workout wear for men and women, they are offering free UPS Ground shipping ending December 1st!


Starts: Friday 12:01AM Eastern
Highlights: Get 25% off everything on the Affitnity.com website with promo code: blackfriday25  Affitnity features some of the most unique fitness wear for women, surprisingly comfortable and practical too, while looking like a rockstar in the gym!

Onnit: "Biggest Sale of All time"

Starts: Friday 12:00AM Eastern
Ends: Monday 11:59PM Pacific

Hyperwear Fitness Equipment:

Starts: 11/28/2014
Ends: Midnight December 1st
Highlights: Free ground shipping on any order (Order must be under 75lb) over $25 at HyperWear.com. Everything is also already 20% off too!

Items of special interest include their very cool weight vests, and sandbells which are super unique exercise weight alternatives that are fun for everyone to use, but safe and interesting for kids and older people too.  While I've had one of their 6lb sandbells for a while, and really enjoy using it for group and partner tossing/passing/etc ab drills, recently I played with the biggest one they make, the 50lb sandbell and it was a really fun challenge.  The neoprene cover makes the smaller ones easier to grasp, but makes the larger ones evil wobbly unweildy challenges (in a good way).

Dale's Raw Protein Bars

Ends: 11/30/2014
Highlights: Buy one, get one free boxes of Dale's famous delicious raw protein bars, breakfast bars, and energy bars. Click here for complete offer details and learn how to get free shipping too!

WP Engine:

Starts: 11/28/2014
Ends: 12/1/2014
Ok... so this isn't exactly a fitness thing at all. BUT after helping a client manage several of their high volume blogs with WP Engine's managed WordPress hosting, I am very impressed with this level of service.  Their offer includes four months free when you pay for 1 year of hosting. Click here to sign up and use coupon code: CyberHosting14

And of course for everything else?

There's always AMAZON

And for a laugh, here's my Amazon wishlist of stuff (some of which is weird) that I want, but probably wouldn't actually buy for myself :)

Ask GiryaGirl: Thanksgiving, Anywhere Workouts... and a Few Random Ones...

While Thanksgiving is tomorrow, some of this Q+A may be a little on the "late" side but maybe not!

Heritage Turkeys

Q: What are you cooking or sharing for Thanksgiving?

Upstairs, Downstairs... a Workout for Kettlebells, Stairwell, and Bodyweight

Upstairs, Downstairs Kettlebell Bodyweight and Stairwell workout from GiryaGirl.comThis workout certainly isn't for everyone since it uses a "found staircase" I suppose a stepmill could be used for it, but part of the "fun" of the workout is self-regulating how fast you're taking the stairs, and sharing heckles with your training partner related to who has the inside or outside of the staircase....   Here in Florida we don't have many buildings with a ton of stairs, but this particular location seems to fit the bill for this workout.

Hyperwear 10lb Unisex weight vest

Also, I decided to up the "fun" factor and wear my 10lb Hyperwear weight vest (click here for exhaustive review, photos, etc.) for the first circuit... to many 10lbs might not sound like a whole lot, but I can tell you it's very sneaky, especially during the... oh wait, during all of it.  Towards the end, the kettlebell swings felt like ALMOST a "break"  HAHA!  It was about 80 degrees and humid last night so those of you up north might not be able to relate, but starting on the 3rd round I began to sweat so much that after taking a jokingly emphatic break after the sit-outs*, I left a sweaty ear print on the ground.  Yes... the outline of my ear! 

FINALLY a New Podcast Episode... Guest Logan Christopher and I Talk About Eating Bugs, and Why You Might Want to As Well

A new, somewhat shorter podcast episode (sorry it's been so long) just went up!  If you're already subscribed on iTunes I bet its already waiting for you :).   If you want to subscribe on iTunes then click here to do that asap.   Alternately, you can listen on

Let's Heat Up the Gym! (a Kettlebell Workout)

Heat the gym advanced kettlebell workout from GiryaGirl.comRecently one of the most faithful attendees of our small group requested to work on stamina...

Not a problem!   Also, for Florida, since it dipped under 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) that meant everyone was running around freezing, or were gleefully wearing any and all of the "cold weather clothes" that they never get to wear.  Seriously, you would have thought a bizzard was on the way, or that the ski lodge was next door.   I understand though, unless Floridians travel at all during the winter, we don't get to wear any cold weather things.  I'm sure people with fireplaces are hastily firing them up... A much more sane approach would be to check out the workout(s) below.

This certainly raised the temperatures across the board:

We warmed up with Primal Move then timed how long it took to complete 100 kettlebell swings (participants chose their kettlebells - both chose a moderate weight).  I am proud to say that everyone was able to do it in a single set, which is always nice to see.  It also means that next time they'll want to choose something maybe a little heavier? :) HAHA.

Now for the circuit -- 5 toasty rounds of:

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BRAND NEW: Master the Kettlebell by Master RKC Max Shank

Master The Kettlebell: How to Develop High-Level Skills in Movement, Power Generation and Strength—Using the World’s Single Best Tool for the Job by Master RKC, Max Shank.

Brand new resource with fully up to date kettlebell training information --everything from the beginner basics all the way to highly advanced techniques.  Program design, sample workouts, and all the theory you need to construct your own plan for your own training or for your personal training clients.  An absolute MUST HAVE for all current and aspiring RKC and HKC instructors. FINALLY an updated resource is HERE! (ebook version on sale for $14.95 until September 5th, paperback version is coming soon.)


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Deadlift Dynamite

In paperback or eBook!!! Pavel and Andy Bolton's awesome plan to skyrocket your deadlift progress... there's so many valuable tips in here, that you need to check out the list yourself! 

Deadlift Dynamite

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